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Re: Flash #116--BLAND Review

 	Heck....I'll vouch that you know alot.  Jimenez is uncomparable.
 Good gosh...They should stick with Oscar as the full time penciller!!!!
 On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, David Gabriel White wrote:
 > 7/8
 > I'll keep this one short.
 > THE FLASH #116 (DC Comics)
 > Writing: Mark Waid
 > Artwork: Oscar Jiminez (p) Jose Marzan (i) Tom McCraw (c)
 > Letters: Gaspar
 > S
 > P
 > O
 > I
 > L
 > E
 > R
 > S
 > Polaris and Kadabra are starting a new Ice Age, armed with the
 > knowledge in Iris's book. While John Fox goes and tries to prevent a
 > newly-formed glacier from taking over Keystone City, Linda stumbles
 > across the villains' lair. Unfortunately, Fox can't stop the machine
 > in time and Linda gets frozen.
 > The writing on this part is more focused than previous issues of "Race
 > Against Time", and consequently this stands out as the best part so
 > far. If the concluding chapter next month is anything as good as this
 > one was, then it'll be a rare case of a huge multi-part storyline
 > where the end was as good or better than the beginning.
 > On the other hand, Oscar Jiminez does all the pencils for this issue
 > and shows why no-one else can imitate his style. This issue is eye
 > cand enough to last me for the next couple of months. Which is good,
 > considering that Jim Cheung will be pencilling the next issue.
 > Aw, what the hell do I know anyway?
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