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Re: Review Replacement God or Thieves & Kings? (David Knott) writes:
 > Jerome Dare ( wrote: 
 > : I've looked at a few issues of both of these and they seem pretty good. 
 > : Is it worth the search to begin hunting for/ordering back issues?
 > I'm not sure about _Replacement God_, because I don't (currently) buy it. I
 > have heard very good things about it though.
 So far, there have only been four issues of REPLACEMENT GOD. Zander
 Cannon's artwork and writing have dramatically improved since the
 beginning of the story, and the series still shows much potential for
 development. Picking up all the back issues is definitely worth it.
 The only downside to REPLACEMENT GOD is the huge gap between issues.
 If you're not bothered by waiting three months for the next
 installment of a comic, go for it. Otherwise, I'd suggest waiting for
 collected volumes.
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