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Re: 0101 Count Down - July 8th and the electricity goes off. Hooray!

 Subject: 0101  Count Down - July 8th and the electricity goes off.  
 From: (ZeroEffort)
 Date: 28 Jun 1996 01:53:51 -0400
 Message-ID: <4qvs1f$>
 Soon you'll be *free* of me.  I'll miss you all.  It was fun bouncing
 ideas back and forth.  
 I will even miss my cheif detractors M Barnard, B Pastorio, D Citron.
 (forgive me if i've left someone off the list).  Although, I think the
 killfile thing is bit elitist and cowardly.  It demonstates that you have
 run out of words to neutralize my *young*, illiterate, senseless, boring,
 self-pitying posts.  You've brought new meaning to the cliche:  Patriotism
 is the last resort of scoundrels.  (Patriots of the ego within.)
 Thanks too (from one of my detractors who uses a first initial and then
 last name - or was it really MaBear?) for the wonderful figleaf offer of
 letting me open up my own 'Brainwash-To-Go shop' in MWVille square.  Would
 have taken you up on it, but right now, I can't afford the rent.
 (electrons are expensive)
 Thanks also goes to George Orwell, who saw it all coming.  Unfortunately,
 I think his book was used as a mine-field map by you know who.  Made us
 all feel too comfy that since he wrote the book, of course it will never
 happen.  "All is Well".  If you ask me, it's all Sports and Gasoline.  TV
 is an amazingly powerful medium.  Audio/Visual communication plastered in
 every home across the world.  Colorful lights to watch as your mind is
 routinely scrubbed.  It's not all shit, thank god.  James Burke on PBS was
 good.  Powerful medium.  Too bad the 'guttenburg press' folks won't
 Thanks to all you supportive writers and thinkers out there who will
 remain nameless. (I hear muttering:  figment of his lame imagination). 
 The positive voices you've put in my head will hopefully neutralize the
 negatives ones.  
 It's a mighty big battle though.  The negative ones got all the guns,
 ammunition, rations and they own every other damn thing in my reach
 (except the rocks at the beach, but I'm not violent anyway)  Actually,
 technically they even *own* the rocks at the beach.  At leats it says so
 on some damn deed somewhere, and like I said, they got the guns to back up
 that piece of paper.
 But they can't take my Free Will away or remove that 'Reject the
 Brainwash' *sparkle* in my eyes.  So the battle is 'One' by default.
 Plan?:  I'm gonna chuck it all and hitch-hike to New York City with my
 crayons and napkins.  How romantic.  (Well, until I get slashed for my
 empty wallet or die of food poisoning in some homeless shelter)