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Kid Blastoff #1--BLAND Review

 KID BLASTOFF #1 (Amaze Ink)
 Everything: Evan Dorking & Sarah Dyer
 KID BLASTOFF is a reprint of a three part story by Dorkin and Dyer
 that originally appeared in DISNEY ADVENTURES in 1995. In this
 exciting installment, "Attack of the Bomb Squad", Kid Blastoff, novice
 space adventurer, boldly forges on into space to tackle the legions of
 Dr. Hugo Boom! Can Kid Blastoff face down Boom's legions of
 bomb-related evil and save the universe? 
 Of course not. This is a humor comic.
 I wasn't expecting much from this story -- I don't know why, because
 I've always enjoyed everything else that Evan Dorkin's done (with the
 possible exception of the "gritty, realistic" MAD DOG). This issue
 greatly surpassed my expectations -- it was an enjoyable read, packed
 full of goofy humor and action and a completely self-contained. The
 artwork is cartoony (well, what else did you expect?), but works
 perfectly with the story and adds a few chuckles of its own.
 Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a monthly KID BLASTOFF title. It's a
 good comic for children yet with plenty of appeal for adults, and if
 stories could be kept self-contained it would be #1 on my to-get list.
 Hopefully enough people agree with me that we'll be seeing more of the
 Kid in the future.
 Until next time, true believers... "Onward to nausea!"
 Aw, what the hell do I know anyway?
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 in the first place, for they wish through these stressors to either brainwash
 you, transvalue your sex, or even kill you with alphabet soup."
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