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Hellboy: Wake the Devil #1--BLAND Review

 HELLBOY: WAKE THE DEVIL #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
 Writing: Mike Mignola
 Artwork: Mike Mignola (pi) James Sinclair (c)
 Letters: Pat Brosseau
 It's HELLBOY! He's back! In a large format story! Featuring HELLBOY!
 Versus Nazis! Versus Vampires! Versus Rasputin! With HELLBOY! And
 project Ragna Rok! And the BPRD! Did I mention that HELLBOY was in it?
 Can you tell that I'm excited? I've been waiting for this one all
 And it's not a disappointment. Our plot? A man touched by Rasputin
 revives the survivors of project Ragna Rok, who set out to finish what
 they've begun. Apparently they need the help of Vladimir Giurescu, a
 Romanian vampire who's been around since the days of Napoleon and who
 is currently rather inconveniently dead. It's up to the BPRD to stop
 them and guess who the lucky stiff who stumbles across their hideout
 This issue is the all-talk issue, so mostly we're just given an
 explanation of the plot and a brief re-introduction to all the
 characters. Not that I mind, that is. Mignola does long pieces of
 exposition better than anyone I can think of. It's like reading one of
 those old READER'S DIGEST articles about the supernatural: on one
 hand strangely awkward yet completely compelling. And there's
 certainly more than enough plot here for a five-issue series. Sure,
 everything seems straightforward now, but who knows what twists
 Mignola has for us in the future?
 His artwork, as allways, is completely stellar, veiling everything in
 deep shadow yet at the same time being more dimensional than a snazzy
 computer-colored Image comic. Mignola's style is completely unique an
 inimitable, and any book he does is worth buying just for the artwork
 Plus, as a back-up story we get Gary Gianni's MONSTERMEN.
 Unfortunately, there's not enough here to form a coherent opinion
 about, but there's plenty of promise. The only comment I'm willing to
 make at this junction is that I think Gianni's artwork would probably
 work much better in black & white.
 To sum up? A good opening shot for what's bound to be one of the best
 limited series of the year. Here's hoping tha this series lives up to
 its full potential.
 Aw, what the hell do I know anyway?
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