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Megaton Man #0--BLAND Review

 MEGATON MAN #0 (Fiasco Comics)
 Everything: Don Simpson
 Clouds: Dave White (me!)
 According to Don Simpson, MEGATON MAN #0 is the owner's manual for the
 Fiascoverse. It's as good a description as any: while hardly anything
 new is introduced, everything that's ever happened in BIZARRE HEROES
 since issue #0 is explained in a concise, streamlined form that makes
 Yeah, you heard me right, it actually makes sense. All the origins are
 revealed, all the connnections shown, and even new information
 revealed like the full origins of Philip Loeb, the Phantom Jungle Girl
 and the Meddler. If you can't follow BIZARRE HEROES, or if you're a
 recent convert, then pick this one up. It'll be indispensible. If you
 can follow BIZARRE HEROES, well, there's plenty of new stuff here to
 make you pick up the issue anyway. If you've never heard of BIZARRE
 HEROES, this is a good jumping-on point.
 Simpson's artwork still shines. It's not simplistic like it can be
 sometime, yet he hasn't over-inked everything like he occasionally
 does (and is deliberately doing for his Megaton Man story in ASYLUM).
 The writing -- well, this is basically a recap, but it makes you
 realize that Don actually isn't making up this stuff as he goes along.
 Did I mention that I did the clouds on the cover?
 Aw, what the hell do I know anyway?
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