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Re: @ CLINTON uses FBI to investigate political enemies

 On Sun, 23 Jun 1996, gary addis wrote:
 > I'll agree with that: if it was illegal, then the most senior official 
 > who ordered the records search is a criminal.  Know what? The guy who 
 > ordered the search was merely passing along a list that was left behind 
 > by Bush administrators...he has admitted this; he takes full blame; and 
 > he insists that once the records were received, he was the only one who 
 > ever looked at them.
 Your explanation of events has been contradicted and refuted
 many, many times so far.  Livingstone and Marceca have stated
 that they received what they believe to have been a list
 provided by the Secret Service.  The Secret Service has
 stated that their providing an outdated list is impossible,
 and that their records do not show them giving the Security
 office any such list during that time frame.  We are not
 aware which "senior official" is responsible, because most
 officials in the White House Counsel's Office has ducked
 even the most rudimentary questions at this point (who
 hired Livingstone, etc.)
 > While in the Army I worked for a while in the Finance Office as a file 
 > clerk.  On a daily basis we received thousands of documents. Somebody 
 > eventually got around to them, because returning Vietnam Vets did 
 > eventually receive back pay.  But ask one: it took us months to get these 
 > guys their money.  In one breath you Gingrichites say government is inept 
 > and ought to be dismantled; in the next you say it's all a deep, dark 
 > conspiracy.  Come on, get real.  The White House is a bureacracy like any 
 > other.  Everyone makes mistakes, bureaucrats more than most.
 White House security is not, and shouldn't be, a bureacracy
 like any other.  Your experiences processing payroll for
 the Army are in no way comparable to either the security
 procedures for the home of the most powerful man in the 
 world, nor comparable with the complex laws regarding the
 access to private citizens' FBI files.
 > Clinton is an intelligent man: if he wanted to dig up political dirt on 
 > his opponents, he'd do what Bush and REagan did: he'd hire at government 
 > expense a team of "security consultants" who would gladly do his bidding 
 > without arguing about what is proper. Does the phrase White House 
 > Plumbers mean anything to you?
 He's done exactly that, as word of a White House database
 containing political information on every Congressman and
 more than 100,000 other politically active citizens does
 evidence.  Details on these files, which were maintained
 at taxpayer expense, are surfacing in the shadow of the
 FBI files scandal.
 Michael Williams
 Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
 Georgetown University