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 Forwarded message:
 Subj:    THE `LEADERS'
 Date:    96-06-27 22:45:43 EDT
 From:    Lechithao
 I just happened to open my e-mail box and caught these two juxtaposing
 articles I htought some friends of mine had played a joke on me.  I am simply
 re-posting these two articles with no comment and with numbed feelings for
 your perusal.
 From: (Vietnam Insight)
 Subject: Saigonese's Letter to Dao Duy Tung
 Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 07:20:49 -0700 (PDT)
 Followed is a letter to Dao Duy Tung (in both Vietnamese and
 English) by a Vietnamese with the pen name "The Saigonese".  The
 letter reveals some top secrets of the Vietnamese Communist Party
 and that of its leaders including Ho Chi Minh. The revelation
 includes cold-blooded orders to massacre party members out of
 suspicion and patriotic Cambodians during the VCP occupation of
 You have not passed away for you are still alive. But writing this
 obituary for you is still appropriate.
 Appropriate to what?
 To your directive 67-CT/TW.
 Even little fish like us at this cafe cannot imagine a person with
 your stature -- a decades long Party career, among the most
 knowledgeable of Marxism-Leninism (Mao's interpretation) -- yet in
 the defense of a deteriorated regime led by a mad man had to muster
 36 words to name the title of your directive:
 "Directive on the increment of guidance and management of counter
 measures to defeat the plots and ploys of the adversary forces that
 are using means of communication and electronics to oppose and ruin
 Even an individual like yourself can be made to say: "In past years,
 under the leadership of the Party, our people have joined together
 in striving for a successful doi moi effort. The trust of cadres,
 party members, and the people in the Party's doi moi policy and its
 leadership have been reinforced and elevated."
 You also boasted in this directive:
 "Facing our great accomplishments, adversary forces from inside and
 outside the country are further combining efforts and increasing
 activities against us. They focus heavily on the use of public
 communication facilities such as the Vietnamese-language programs of
 the Voice of America, Radio New Horizon, RFI, BBC, and other means
 capable of collecting and disseminating information quickly such as
 books, documentation, fax, telephone, etc. Their aim is to divide
 us, to shake the faith in our cadres and party members and in all of
 our people."
 Dear brother Tung, we don't care about how many [gold] "bars" you
 have collected for your family in your long "revolutionary" career,
 but if these words are the indication of all the wisdom you have
 accumulated, then what a waste.
 (By the way, I need to take a break here and inform all  my friends
 at the cafe of the latest news from Hanoi: the Medical Team of the
 Party Central Committee disclosed that Dao Duy Tung has had blood