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NCRI Statement 22-6-96

 Massoud Rajavi: 25,000-strong gathering in London shows Resistance's
 President-elect enjoys majority support among Iranian people
 Following the magnificent rally at Earl's Court London where Mrs. Maryam
 Rajavi, the Iranian
 Resistance's President-elect, addressed an audience of 25,000 people, Mr.
 Massoud Rajavi,
 President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, appeared in a
 gathering of thousands of
 combatants in an NLA base camp.
 In a two-hour speech broadcast live via satellite for Europe and Iran, Mr.
 Rajavi said: Iran's ruling
 mullahs tried full-force and mobilized all of their embassies across Europe
 to resort to every
 conspiracy, blackmail and intimidation to prevent the Iranians' gathering
 yesterday in London or
 reduce the number of participants, and particularly prevent the attendance
 of the Iranian Resistance's
 President-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. The firm determination of our
 compatriots, anxiously seeking
 Iran's liberation, however, surpassed every conspiracy and dumbfounded the
 mullahs and their
 agents, as the international news agencies reported on the largest-ever
 gathering of 25,000 Iranians
 abroad in the presence of the Resistance's President-elect.
 Mr. Rajavi added:
 1. This magnificent, unprecedented rally, beamed five hours live into Iran,
 Middle East, Europe and
 the United States, once again indicated that the absolute majority of
 Iranians, both inside Iran and
 abroad, support the President-elect Maryam Rajavi who heads the only
 democratic alternative for
 the illegitimate religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran.
 2. The demonstrations, acts of protest, and publicity activities in 53
 cities across Iran which were
 carried out under conditions of maximum repression, upon the call by the
 Mojahedin's Command
 Headquarters inside Iran on the occasion of June 20 and in support of the
 Iranian Resistance's
 President-elect, further testify this truth.
 3. If Iran's ruling mullahs, their accomplices and those who have set
 sights on this illegitimate
 regime deny the truth, they can test their chances versus the Iranian
 Resistance in a free presidential
 election, based not on the Velayat-e Faqih but on the principle of national
 sovereignty, or in an
 election for the Constituent Assembly which should be carried out with
 sufficient guarantees, under
 the auspices of the United Nations.
 4. The mullahs' illegitimate regime, however, has never and will never
 submit to a genuine election
 and the Iranian people's free choice. This is exactly why on the 15th
 anniversary of June 20- the
 day when Khomeini's guards opened fire on the peaceful demonstration of
 half a million residents
 of Tehran- and while the people of Iran have offered at least 100,000 of
 their most valiant children
 to the cause of freedom and national sovereignty, I reiterate that this
 regime must be overthrown in
 its entirety at the hands of the National Liberation Army and with the
 nation's backing. The day of