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Re: Discipio goes to church

 Milton Brewster ( wrote:
 : In article, (William R. Discipio Jr) writes:
 : >Milton Brewster ( wrote:
 [typical dishonest paraphrasing by Milton Brewster deleted.]
 : WmD> What do you think, Milton?  What should the quota be set at?  How many 
 : WmD> white churches or synagogues need to be burned before Clinton will 
 : WmD> shamelessly grandstand in front of one?  How many white churches or 
 : WmD> synagogues need to be burned before Clinton will pander to the respective 
 : WmD> communities?
 : I didn't bring up quotas.  But since YOU bought it up; yes.  As a
 : Liberal, I think there should be quotas for what we are discussing
 : here.  I think a good quota for burning any house of worship
 : should be zero.
 That wasn't what I asked.  Please reread the previous paragraph and get 
 back to me when you feel like answering the question.
 : William; I asked you a direct question.  What do you think?  You've
 : tried to turn it around so you won't have to answer.  I think you owe
 : all of us an answer.  What do you think of the recent church burnings
 : in the South?
 You never asked that question.  You asked what I thought about churches 
 that are burning down.  As you can see, two paragraphs below, I answered 
 you quite clearly.  However, you insist on lying.  First you lie by 
 claiming that you asked me what I think about the church burnings in the 
 south.  You didn't.  Proof of this immedialtely follows this paragraph, 
 i.e. your *original* question.  Second, you lie when you claim I didn't 
 answer you.  It's there in black and white for everybody to see.
 Do you get a thrill out of lying *and* posting the evidence of your lies 
 in the *same* message?
 : * * * * * * *
 : >
 : Milt >> Does it matter to you that Churches are burning down?
 : >
 : WmD> Absolutely.  Given the hateful anti-religion bigotry and demonization  
 : WmD> coming from the radical left these days, I'm quite concerned.
 : You know, William; I know an awful lot of Episcopalians, Lutherans,
 : Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Shavists (Hindus) and Unitarians and
 : others,
 Do you consider these people part of the radical left that I refered to?  
 Or are you demonstrating your inability to understand what you have read 
 : who would be quite interested to hear precisely how they are
 : demonizing anybody.  Many of them would be willing to BET with you,
 : that no "liberals" (your definition) are involved in church burning.
 Excuse me.  This is why I call your 'summaries' dishonest.  I clearly 
 mentioned 'radical left' and *NOT* 'liberals (my definition)' as you 
 claim.  You are such an obvious liar.
 : Please explain your position. Include references to any accusations you
 : make.  We are listening.
 Who is 'we' Milton?  I know *I* am waiting for you to drop your dishonest 
 tactics and address the issues.
 : * * * * * * *
 : Milt >> Does it matter to you that at least 50% of them are
 : Milt >> black churches?
 : >
 : WmD> Absolutely.  And it concerns me that Democratic Presidents and
 : WmD> totalitarian Republicans want to capitalize off the misfortunes of others
 : WmD> by grandstanding in front of burned out churches to bolster their
 : WmD> re-election chances or to get more draconian legislation passed which
 : WmD> creates more and more 'federal' crimes. 
 : This is a personal opinion you are welcome to hold.

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