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Re: Returning to Spiritual Awareness (Was: Re: a short cram for Gary S. (paul))

a short cram for Gary S. (paul)):

>On Fri, 30 May 1997 13:23:24 +0200, Anti-Cult wrote:
>> Invalid data stream, start over. Hubbard did not have any valid 
>>self enhancement system at all, therefore you must try another 
>>way to describe what you are talking about.
>No, I don't "must". You can try that as hard as you want.
>This "must" doesn't exist outside of your universe. You'll
>have to enjoy it alone. Have fun, darling A-C!

Heh, I'm not trying hard at all. By the looks of it, it seems as if 
I succeed pretty well. The day will come pretty soon dear CB, when 
you'll realize that what I'm trying to say to you is exactly what is 
needed to make you snap out of the clam shell post hypnotic trance 
state (CSPHTS)(TM).

>> Heh, you are truly brainwashed by the moron Hubbard. The above 
>> statement is totally ridiculous. 
>[more helpless confusion snipped]

Confusion? Nah, wouldn't think so. Not this SP. Your marking of 
writings as "helpless confusion", only tells me that you're in 
serious trouble now. You react like any cultist under the influence 
of mind control. That is the refusal to confront things that might 
disturb the (CSPHTS)(TM). I'm not surprised dear Heidrun.

>Why don't you simply write "I am confused about all that and 
>don't know what to think anymore"? It would be much faster 
>to type!

Because confused is the last thing I am. I leave the confusion to 
those that doesn't think for themselves, and only writes rehashed 
Hubbardian/Crowley rantings. (CSPHTS)(TM) 

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