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ZGram -- "A Day In Court In 1985"ZGram - May 25, 1997 - "A Day In Court In 1985"

Copyright (c) 1997 - Ingrid A. Rimland

May 25, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Sometimes when members of Ernst's legal team and I talk about current
matters, I feel sharp jealousy because I wasn't there ". . . when
Revisionist history began."

What an exciting time it must have been when Zundelists rolled up their
sleeves and started plowing soil and planting truth - now sprouting all
over the globe!

At the time when the first kernels germinated, I am embarrassed to admit, I
was a Holocaust Believer.  I had not the faintest idea that there was rot
around the Holocaust.

Since I assume most of my readers were, at that time, still deeply steeped
in dogma also, I now set up a clip for you to give you a glimpse of the
First Great Holocaust Trial:

A two-week preliminary hearing was held in June of 1984 and Ernst was
committed to trial on both charges that had initially been laid privately
by Sabina Citron.

The actual trial commenced in January of 1985 and lasted for 39 days.

Throughout the proceedings, Sabina Citron, his self-appointed persecutor,
and Helen Smolack of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association had an
entire bench in the court reserved for them - right behind Ernst, who sat
in a bullet-proof glass booth, just like Eichmann - this in spite of the
fact that hundreds of people lined up for up to three hours each day

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