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Forwarded mail....

Here is something I have not seen before: a coherent critique of
the activities of the Soros Foundation from the Left.  It comes from
the Netherlands by way of a mailing list in Germany.  Subscription
information is at the end of the article.

Gabor Fencsik

 The Art of Being Independant
 On NGOs and the Soros debate
 By Geert Lovink

 A fear is spreading throughout Europe: the creeping, existential angst
 of being possessed and ruled by new, unknown forces. For some, the
 dragon is called Brussels, for others it is neo-liberalism, the
 stockmarket, Asia, globalization, the year 2000, or Soros. In circles
 of media activists and electronic artists there is acute sensitivity
 towards emergent institutional powers. Active groups and individuals on
 the edge (and the margins) of Media Related Creativity are vulnerable
 to new economic and political formations. As temporary, freelance
 workers we are both inside and outside of the culture industry. The
 critique of large size capitalist and state structures from the
 perspective of small groups has been well known since the sixties. It
 is easier to critique Shell, MoMa, the Ministry of Culture, the
 Telecom and McDonalds, as the lines are clear. They are bastards. But
 now the threat is coming from within, without clear frontlines.
 Nowadays, power can be located anywhere. For some it is the body, for
 others the mediasphere, or transnational capital. The process of
 simultaneous fragmentation and centralization leaves us with a
 confusing picture. Does our critique need a clear object anyway, an
 artificial, imaginary focus? Current technologies make it out of the
 question to be fully autonomous, particularly if you are working with
 computers. The rise of the Net will only make us more dependant on

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