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OKC BOMB: Gov't Prior Knowledge



    by Ian Williams Goddard

    Evidence is overwhelming that federal authorities were
    aware that a terrorist event was going to take place in
    Oklahoma City before the bombing of the Murrah Building
    took place. In fact, two law suits have been filed against
    the federal government on the behalf of bombing victims
    for failing to give warning to victims of the bombing.

    In the first suit, attorney Richard Bieder will represent
    at least 44 victims.[1]  In the second suit, filed in the
    District Court of Oklahoma County (4/18/97), O.J. Simpson's
    defence lawyer  Johnnie Cochran will represent over 300
    people who suffered losses in the bombing. About that
    suit the Associated Press reported [2]:

          More than 300 people joined the lawsuit
          against the government. They claim the
          [ATF] had prior warning of the April 19,
          1995 bombing and that officials of the
          day care center in the federal building
          knew or should have known about the attack.

    Indeed, the shocking claim by victims and family members
    that the federal government had prior knowledge of the
    Oklahoma City bombing is supported by an overwhelming
    body of evidence.


    The ABC program 20/20 recently reported (1/17/97) on its
    investigation into the claim that the federal government
    had prior knowledge of the Murrah Building bombing.[3] The
    20/20 program opened with the question asked by anchor Tom
    Jarriel: "What did authorities know or expect  before the
    explosion that federal workers and the children arriving
    at the Murrah Building did not know or were not told?"
    Jarriel continued, stating that:

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