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Sheldon Nidle's Ground Crew: electronic mind control (fwd)

A Personal Encounter With Heavens Gate
                  - Darrell Bross

I had not realized until several days after the Heavens Gate "cult
suicide" story broke that I had actually been involved in an investigative
encounter with this group two years previously. I had not been aware that
this group operated under a variety of pseudonyms - one of them being
Total Overcomers Anonymous - this being the name that I knew them under
two years ago. 


At that time I was working closely with and contributing to a Bulletin
Board System specializing in the paranormal, cults, mind control and other
(generally media suppressed) topics.  A Bulletin Board System (BBS) is a
dial up (with a computer) information computer that carries large numbers
of files of information and also provides a forum where like-minded people
can have discussions about a particular subject. 

Over the past four or five years the operator of this system (whom we
will, for the moment, call Mike) has turned this endeavor into a very
popular success.  He has translated this BBS over to an Internet News
Service now dealing, primarily, with mind control.  At the time of our
"adventure" he was just becoming interested in this topic. 

I had become interested in investigating the physics of paranormal
phenomena when asked to investigate a case of spontaneous human combustion
in the mid 1980's.  During that time I was the Director of an organization
investigating improper convictions of people wrongly convicted of homicide
(nearly 100 homicide investi- gations).  I have since gone on to
contribute significant pieces of investigation in several high profile
conspiracies and coverups (JFK, mind control, AIDS, etc.).  I currently am
the Director of the Conspiracies/Coverups Special Interest Group of
American Mensa. Although I do not consider myself expert in the areas of
mind control and cults I have contributed several papers in these fields. 

The Event

Mike contacted me and cryptically informed me that he had found a group
that really appealed to everything he felt he had been missing in his life
and that he was getting his life finalized so that he could go off and
join this group which he explained he had found out about by reading the
notices they had pinned up in laundromats and various other places around
Berkeley.  I tried to dissuade him as much as I could but realized that I
didn't stand much of a chance.  Mike is an extremely intelligent and
experienced individual in his 40's and certainly not somebody without a
lot of very critical capabilities.  I wished him luck. 

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