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Globalist Agendas Debate and Discussion List

AGENDAS on listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

   Globalist Agendas Debate and Discussion List


   These are topics which may or may not be discussed:
       validity of contemporary conspiracy theories
       validity of global agendas
       validity of failure of news media to report
       validity of policies contrary to national sovereignty
       history of conspiracy theories

   This list is to discuss the validity of various conspiracy
   theories and global agendas. The list will not be to debate
   whether globalist policy is worthwhile, but to debate
   various claims and share information. It is often said the
   news media is politically biased toward globalism, not
   covering stories which affect national sovereignty and
   interests. Various stories about conspiracy are made out to
   be crackpot ideas. This forum gives opportunity to debate
   these ideas and their legitimacy.

   Subscribers are concealed, in an effort to deter use of the
   subscriber list or any advertisements to it.

   To subscribe to AGENDAS send email to:


   with the body containing the command:

      sub agendas yourfirstname yourlastname

   example: sub agendas Richard M. Nixon

   Owner: David G. McDivitt <mcdivitt@iamerica.net>


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