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Koos' "Steve Fishman Fully Exposed"RI-862i-A Telepathy - (Steve Fishman fully exposed)

15 May 1997

> RI-862i-A 'Telepathy - (Steve Fishman fully exposed)'

>from Ambassador for Mankind

>Message # RI-862i-A for Internet

>All people make themselves unaware
> of most of the thoughts
> that they themselves have.

Not all people, Koos. That, as you know, is a "glittering generality."

>This is a natural ability
> - which however, in the present society
> has gone to very destructive extremes.

You can not generalize the intent behind an incorrect hypothesis.

>These thoughts nevertheless are there,
> people created them by themselves, and
> people also ACT on these - their own - thoughts.

Please prove this with empirical evidence.

>An even much greater effort is exerted by people
> in order not to be aware of the thoughts of others.

True. Why would I want to be aware of everyone else s thoughts?

I would go totally nuts, and wind up a raving psychotic like LRH did.

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