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>On Sat, 17 May 1997 00:33:35 -0400 (EDT), Homer W. Smith wrote:
>>     Everyone, please answer, not just Alan.
>>     Critics, apologists and supporters alike:
>Don't know what his intention was with the OT3 procedure. Fact is,
>it's a rather easy gradient in BT-running, compared with the NOTs
>procedure which needs more auditing skill.

Yeah, it takes some advanced skills to fool people on this crap. That
is advanced skills in the person that wants to be fooled. Advanced
skills in trying to forget reason and sanity. Skills aquired in TR's
and auditing, and too many hours at the clay table.

>I personally had some reality on the incident. But most of the BTs 
>I addressed I could have run on the phone-book as well. I think they 
>were blowing because of the attention flown to them, like described 
>in the NOTs pack which I like more. That they were running, and that 
>they were blowing, is a matter of fact - I have experienced major 
>changes - and also got ill once after an auditing mistake (repaired
>with NOTs in 13 minutes) - I don't think this would happen by pure 

Worse things, (or better) have happened out of pure delusion. Ever
heard of the placebo effect? Yeah, you must have heard about it, since
I have been pulling that out of the sleeve before. How come you don't
listen to reason, but always tries to find the answers in some non
existing Hubbardian bull shit mindcontrol technology? I'll answer that
for you: It's because you have been subjected to the evil Hubbaridan
mind control mechanisms with the name TR's and Auditing. Snap out of
it for God's sake.

>The question is: if OT3 has not happened, then WHY THE HELL

What the hell have OT3 to do with eventual insanity on religion? Are
you refering to the implant story, or what? Who says that the
population of this particular planet is more insane visavi religion

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