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    In the years since leaving Scientology, I've become 
aware of just how brainwashed I had been. I have probed for 
exactly HOW an intelligent, well-educated, free-thinking 
agnostic could be so taken in by a "religion," which I then 
did not believe it to be. In discovering this, I could only 
be awed by Hubbard's twisted brilliance. He knew exactly 
what he was doing. Had he lived in more primitive times, 
before the mass media (which he feared) and the information
superhighway (which his successors fear), he certainly 
would have succeeded. Should his autocratic cult ever come 
to great power, he may yet become a God in most minds, as 
he intended. And I believe the human race would then suffer 
perhaps the most fascistic, mind-controlling domination in 
    What gets one addicted to heroin? Long before any 
physical addiction, there is the rush, the high, the 
temporary RELEASE from all suffering - emotional or physical,
conscious or not. For perhaps the first time, there is no 
anxiety, no fear, no pain. It's gone! Blissful peace at last! 
I'm FREE! And freedom tastes of reality!
    Nothing wrong with this, except its falsity due to 
the heroin, which enslaves. If some psychological "tech" and 
its source are corrupt, they bring the follower to this 
point, but then mislead and exploit. In such euphoria, and 
with suggestion, there may come a quasi-religious leap of 
faith: THIS IS IT! All my life I've searched and prayed for 
this! The Source of this is GOD! Anything this good MUST BE 
ALL GOOD! This is THE ANSWER, and worth any risk! And worth 
any price! It's THE WAY to TOTAL FREEDOM! Call it a drug,
psychotherapy, deception - I don't care! THIS IS THE WAY!!
    So commanding is this belief, that it blinds to all 
evidence to the contrary. The rational, analytical mind, 
perhaps perceptibly enhanced, becomes imperceptibly stultified,
blinded. The word of Source is now Gospel. Then comes the dark 
side of religion, intolerance and hatred: Disbelievers? 
Devils! Evil foes of my Source and his Church! Suppressives, 
enemies, fair game! This is THE WAY, and the ONLY way - I must 

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