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Re: Is there anything positive about Scientology?

>/From: The.Galactic.Federation@ThePentagon.com (Anti-Cult)
>/On Thu, 17 Apr 1997 22:51:30 -0600. Jazzlamont@aol.com (LaMont Johnson).
>/From: Deja News Usenet Posting Service.
>/Wrote on the subject: Re: Is there anything positive about Scientology?:
>/>We deliver, and those who receive, win.
>/Yeah, sure. You deliver brainwashing tech, that's all. 

>You do this with the CoS and I won't stand up for them.  They merit no
>protection from me.  I protest this "brainwashing" crap that gets tossed
>around too much only so that it doesn't become ingrained in ars thinking
>and thus ars directs efforts towards losing battles because it has crap
>for information about what it should be fighting. Leave the narrow world
>of ars and this "brainwashing" allegation is just that - an allegation and
>nothing more.  No one is going to buy the proposition just because it's
>said in a sufficiently snide way.

What you call crap, is for me very much fact. The brainwashing
allegation that I toss around in this NG, is from my own experience of
the TR's and auditing shit tech. I couldn't care less if anyone buy
that proposition or not.

>Now you're just rudely slacking off on a guy that's been out there facing
>off against the OSA for a hell of a lot more years than you've even heard
>of the OSA, apparently.

I rudely slack off anyone that still is stuck within the mindset of
the cult, whether or not s/he have left the organization or not. If
you have a problem with that, well what can I say...

>Lamont was/is a hero to a lot of people who broke
>off from the CoS way back when.  

Yeah, so I have seen.

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