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Re: Is there anything positive about Scientology?

>We deliver, and those who receive, win.

Yeah, sure. You deliver brainwashing tech, that's all. 
>If you don't know what this is, it's best to lay off the case of those
>who do, and inform yourself honestly by handling your masturbation, or
>your alcoholism, or your voyeurism, or your inability to work, confront
>women, have an orgasm, or fly to the moon, through some good old
>fashioned auditing.

I have non of the above problems, maybe it just falls back upon
yourself poor man. Get your act together and stop abusing people and
auditine. Engrams doesn't exist, get that into your head or show me
some scientific proof. Oh, I forgot that science and brainwashing
isn't easy to merge.

>It works.

Yeah, I hear you repeat that to convince yourself...

"Somebody some day will say 'this is illegal'. By then be sure 
the orgs say what is legal or not."
             -- L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 4 January 1966
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Subject: Re: A higher standard than god's.  My perspective on the xtian cult.