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After more than a decade of investigations targeting Dan Harmon,
a federal grand jury indicted him on drug and organized crime
charges.  You would think Linda Ives would be thrilled, but you
would be wrong.  Rather than seeking an indictment against Harmon
for his involvement in the 1987 murder of Linda's son, of which 
there is ample evidence, U.S. Attorney Paula Casey, a democrat, 
has taken her place on the list of public officials perpetuating 
the nine-year-long cover-up.

Although indictment counts under RICO can date back ten years,
the charges against Harmon go back only to August, 1991 - a
calculated cut-off date to protect U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks,
a republican.  In June, 1991, Banks cleared Harmon of any and 
all criminal allegations - the very same criminal allegations Harmon 
was indicted on last week.  Although my task force provided evidence 
to a 1990 federal grand jury which was ready to unanimously indict 
Harmon, the public is supposed to believe Harmon was clean as of 
June, 1991, then got dirty less than two months later.  What's 
going on?

This story is more significant than a simple Clinton scandal.  It 
is a Clinton/Bush/CIA/drugs/murder scandal.  If you are not familiar
with it, go to  http://www.idmedia.com.  The links in the "Updates"
rectangle on the second page will catch you up.  Then, here's what
you need to do:

Read the Arkansas Times article "Harmonizing drugs and law" at
http://www.idmedia.com/harmonizing.htm.  It was written by Mara
Leveritt, one of the few Arkansas reporters who has written
the truth about Mena, and this article has laid the foundation
for a series of articles that will expose the public officials
who have protected Harmon and why.  Harmon is the loose thread
that can unravel Arkansas political corruption, but that will not
be done without public pressure, which can only come from the
masses who rely on mainstream media for information.  Mara is 
making an effort to inform Arkansas Times readers, but she needs 
her publisher to back her.  She is asking for responses to the 
attached article, and we need to see that she gets plenty.  Please, 
forward this to everyone on your email list, post it on every news 
group or mailing list you belong to, pass out hard copies of Mara's 
article with some choice posts from our website to non-internet 
friends and associates.  The last paragraph of Mara's article 
asks, "What do you think?"  Let her know what you think, even if 
it's a simple, "I think I want to know more." Mara's email address is 
mleveritt@aristotle.net.  The Arkansas Times address is P.O. Box 34010, 
Little Rock, Arkansas, 72203.  To subscribe, call 501-375-2985.

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