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Mark Pisscabbage rears his ugly head (again!)


Since WWII the U.S. Information Service, operated by the Executive Branch of
the Federal Government, has broadcast the editorial viewpoint of the U.S.
Government to the rest of the world over the Voice Of America (VOA), an
international shortwave radio outlet, heard OUTSIDE of the United States.
The content is just what the Federal Government wants the world to know
about our country, and is basically propaganda..and that in support of the
"New World Order."

The Voice Of America claims to be balanced and objective, like all
establishment media claims to be but are not.  On May 9, 1997, on a program
called "VOA Today," the VOA aired a "round table discussion program" on the
militia movement in the U.S.A.  Asked for their views were three men who are
highly critical of militia.  The program contained the views of no person
associated with any militia "movement," and no persons intimately familiar
with it.

Below is a close transcript of the radio program. Brackets ([...]) represent
portions which were too difficult to understand due to atmospheric or other
interference.  Spellings of names may need correction as well. There is
enough here for any patriots to protest, relative to the misrepresentation
of what a militia is, and why a militia is Constitutionally vital.  I
suggest each of us protest to the U.S. Information Service, and demand a
broadcast airing the explanations of a milita by responsible militia leaders
and Constitutional advocates.

 -------------From VOA TODAY, May 9, 1997, Monitored in East Asia------------------

"[The Second Amendment to the Constitution allows] the right to bear arms
and the formation of militias organized by [the armed forces to serve only
in emergencies]. [Though] militias have long been dormant in the U.S., in
recent years new militia groups have sprung up in many states.  Some of
these groups have had radical agendas of retaliation against the U.S.
Government [for events] such as the [armed] stand-offs at Ruby Ridge, Idaho
and Waco, Texas.  Militias and the Radical Right are the subject of today's
round-table discussion hosted by VOA's Martin Secrest."

Martin Secrest:
"Are these groups a danger to the public, or as they claim, do they protect
the public['s] interests?  What are their driving motivations and what's the
makeup of these militia groups?  Here with us to discuss those questions is
Brian [Levin], Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice Department of
Stocton College in Pamona, New Jersey; also on the line is Harvey Kushner,

[154 lines left ... full text available at <url:http://www.reference.com/cgi-bin/pn/go?choice=message&table=05_1997&mid=1757120&hilit=CONSPIRACY+MEDIA> ]

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