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[PN] Judeophobia 10

Last ...we drew a parallel between the Enlightenment
with its contrasting medieval background, and Socialism
with its czarist backdrop. These two movements beg the
question: what caused these new orders based upon
rationalism and brotherhood to be so infested with the
Judeophobia that characterized the old world. The fact is
that no cure emerged; neither from the decline of
Christianity as the dominant force in shaping political
realms, nor from the emancipation of the Jews from legal
restrictions. Apparently, European societies were so
saturated by centuries of Jew-hating, that they were
unable to produce Enlightenment or socialism that was
Judeophobia-free. In his comprehensive study, historian
Zosa Szajkowski could not find a single word in favor of
the Jews in French socialist literature between 1820 and
1920, even when half of this period was replete with 600
pogroms. We mentioned Tousenel, Fourier and Proudhon as
examples of Judeophobia from the Left. Saint-Simon is the
striking exception.

Within Marx's writings and biography, four aspects of
Judeophobia can be discerned, namely:
   1) Judeophobes overblow the importance of Jews they
dislike, and their Jewishness is emphasized even when
non-existent. Thus for Nazism, Communism was a Jewish
ideology. And within the left itself, the anarchist
Mikhail Bakunin considered Marx "a modern Moses" and the
Jews "a nation of exploiters." In contrast, Judeophobes
studiously blur the Jewishness of Jews who are central to
their cause. Thus, Marx's Jewish origins were usually
skipped by the Communist authorities. In the Soviet
Encyclopedia edition of 1952, the Jewish origin of Marx
was totally omitted.
   2) Jews were accused from both sides of the political
spectrum with contradictory arguments, and therefore had
no forum in which to be proven innocent. Despite
centuries of suffering under the domain of Christian
states, the Jews were ultimately seen as the germ of
Christianity by many free-thinkers. In the same way, the
Judeophobia of Marx and many Marxists did not deter anti-
Communist Judeophobes from accusing "the Jews" of having
created Marxism. For this reason, during the 1918-20
civil war that followed the Bolshevik revolution, the
anti-Communist Ukrainian fighters murdered 50,000
innocent Ukrainian Jews.

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