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Response to VOA lies

The following is a copy of a letter I sent of to the VOA
regarding this blatant piece of propaganda.
Anyone wishing to voice their views to the VOA can do so at the following

VOA Today   voatoday@voa.gov
Genl Letters   letters-usa@voa.gov
Ombudsman      ombudsman@voa.gov

Dear Sirs,
     Regarding your program of this date concerning the militia movement in
the United States.
     After having read the "accuracy and Balance" and "fairness" portions of
your Journalistic code, I am forced to conclude that the so-called code is a
farce and an illusion with which you hope to hoodwink the public.
     Your show on the militia movement could in no way be thought of as
either "accurate or balanced" nor was it in any way "fair." You8 had three
guests on the show - all of whom were staunchly anti-militia, including one,
Mark Pitcavage, who has turned his anti-militia feelings into a virtual
     No one either sympathetic to the militias point of view, nor from a
militia was on your show. You call that fair ? I do not. This show was not
journalism sirs, it was advocacy pure and simple. Truly a sad example of what
our tax money is being wasted on.
     The patriot movement and the militia movement is growing in this country
in part because of the biased reporting of the main stream media. People
within the movement see how they are characterized, and know that those doing
the characterization are pursuing their own political agenda.
     You could not have found someone in support of the militias - I think
not, for I listen to a number of shortwave radio hosts who are pro militia on
a daily basis. Its not that you couldn't find them, its that you didn't look.

                                                              With Sadness

                                                              Mike Pietrantoni

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