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Re: Why Do People Join? (Was Re: Enemies and Allies)

This is a highly subjective method.  If the question of "brainwashing"
allegations were a matter of wholly private opinion, that would be fine. 
But brainwashing allegations are generally introduced to bolster a public
policy.  In fashioning public policies I feel it is very important to
avoid arbitrary and highly subjective criteria.  What peson A might
applaud as a "good call" on a particular instance of deciding if someone
was "brainwashed" person B might, with EXCELLENT justification, see as an
instance that SOME people in society being so special that when THEY
decide another person is not to be regarded as an equal in some respect
(they've been non-personed by being labelled "brainwashed") it threatens
EVERYONE's right to consider they hold inherent rights and dignity as a

 If you compare the projection mechanisms discussed in [I don't know how
to do italics on Netscape] "The Adjusted American: Normal Neuroses in
American Society" by Putney and Putney with my description of negative
selling as it was described by the sales manager, you will find that the
intent was to hook into
a particular neurosis or neuroses, and that these neuroses are considered
normal in our society.

Neuroses refer to the behaviors that result from anxiety considered
excessive, and the behaviors are considered to be less than ideal by the
evaluator.  We are arriving at the problem of subjectivity again.  "Fear
appeal" might be condemned by some as an unfair or devious rhetorical
device, but the name of "fear appeal" when we approve of use of the device
is "common sense".  Appealing to a persons anxieties is not in itself an
ethical or unethical practice.  It is a completely neutral one, if that is
all the facts of the matter given.  If I persuade someone to buy flood
insurance by appealing to their fears and anxieties, I am doing what is
proper (79% of American buildings lie on a flood plain), but if this does
tie into their neuroses somehow I'm still in the wrong?  What is the
correct behavior: to buy flood insurance or to not buy it?  There is great
subjectivity in these questions.  When great subjectivity is used to solve
issues of social policy you lay the groundwork for great deal of rage and
alienation by the people who find themselves somehow disfavored, despite

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