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C. Martell in his letter raises some disturbing questions worth
contemplating as we observe Israel surrendering to her enemies in the
name of obvious stupidities, rejected by every proud nation on earth.

                       IS THERE A CONSPIRACY ?
               LETTER in The Jewish Press - April 25, 1997


    Is there some kind of long-standing conspiracy, some tacit
agreement between Jewish leaders in Israel, the Diaspora, and the
Gentile Western nations? Some kind of timetable whereby Israel commits
suicide, self-destructs, and ceases to be? A timetable in which a land
of Israel is declared, as many Jews as possible are encouraged to
return, to reclaim the land from desert and swamp, to make it fertile
and bloom to build cities, to create a modern infrastructure -- and
then to hand it all away to the Arabs?
    People might laugh at these suggestions, but are they really so
for from the truth? To try and make some kind of sense from the
terrible, self-inflicted tragedy now unfolding inside Israel, we must
look back to 1945, and possibly even further to the 1920's and 30's.
Then we must ask ourselves the question, "Do Jewish leaders, Israeli
politicians, Jewish establishment figures in the West really want a
Jewish State?" Did they ever genuinely desire a Jewish land in which
the Jew alone, would be master of his own destiny? A land under Jewish
law, in which the Jew, after 2,000 years of being murdered with
impunity by his neighbors, could at last feel free to walk the streets
in peace, security and safety?
    Certainly, the long-suffering Jewish people, Amcha, grassroots
Jewry, have always wanted Israel, Eretz Yisrael!, to be that land. But
they have been denied a genuine Jewish land, peace, security, and
safety by leaders who have deliberately betrayed all the aspirations
of their own people. Israeli Jews and with them the Jewish nation,
have been cursed leaders, politicians, and establishment figures whose
loyalty belongs exclusively to their Gentile masters in Washington
whom they fear.
    From Ben Gurion to Netanyahu, whether Labor or Likud, all have
been instructed and controlled by the West, never daring to declare to
the world the Jewish nation's sole and rightful ownership of the
Temple Mount, Hebron, Judea Samaria. They have been despised by the
Arabs for their self-abasement, and are jumping to the whims of their
Western puppeteers. Through Government control of the media, they have
infected Jews with guilt and self-hatred. Secular Israelis have been
convinced that they are thieves who have stolen the land from the
"poor Palestinians." This makes it all the easier for them to accept
suicide and the destruction of the Jewish State. The message that gets
to the people is that the Arabs, Arafat, and the PLO, etc., are not

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