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Re: What Hassan Left Out

>Of course, those instructions apply only while the student is in the
>classroom.  Once the student is out of the classroom and back in his
>normal environment, there is no supervisor around controlling him.
Excuse me for my bad French, but you are an idiot Diane. That control,
stays in effect even after the student have left the classroom. It
stays there for a very long time, if it didn't the student wouldn't
return to the abusive situation the next day, would s/he?

I think it's high time for you Diane to stop your insane game in
trying to deny the existence of brainwashing or mind control. What are
you trying to prove, and why? Why are you going on in this way? Why
are you defending the cults? Last but not least, why is it that you
believe that there is no such thing as brainwashing? 

Are you aware of that nobody really cares about the so-called experts
you refer to? These so-called experts have never ever experienced the
true nature of cult brainwashing and mind control. I was lucky enough
not to fall for the abusive treatment that Martin have described.
Rather, I didn't accept that treatment, but just told the supervisor
in a way that couldn't be misunderstood: Don't screw with me, or that
will be the last thing you ever have done to anyone. Don't try to
control me, or my body. After that, they really didn't want me in the
course room, since I was in control over them. Not physically , but
phsycologically. You see, their little mind games didn't work any more
in that course room, not on a single student, just because of my
reaction to the abuse. If you're not prepared to let them control your
behaviour and responces to 100%, they don't want you in their little
game. They rather buy you lunch just to get you out of their universe.

That was my reaction, mostly due to the fact that I am the type of
person that doesn't easily take orders from other. However, I can't
judge other people for their reactions in this mind control business.
The scienos are running a dirty business, and anyone in the wrong
moment of life, can be a victim to their mind control. I know, that if
I wasn't the kind of man that I am, I would have fallen for their mind
control tactic like an apple ready to fall from the tree.

Keep it up Diane, sooner or later even you are going to admit that
mind control and brainwashing within cults like scientology is a


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