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Re: Background for VR artist

Chris, you know best. Follow your nose....


On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Chris Troso wrote:

> Hi,
>        I have gaduated from hischool and am trying to figure out what I
> should do for college.  I want to be a VR artist for a living, doing game
> content development, 3d art and posibly producing VR games.  I would like
> to work with programers, musicians, etc. so I can focus on the VR art.
>        I have been excepted to University of the Arts in Philly, an art
> school, and am considering majoring in scupture or multi media.  If I
> major in sculpture I would also learn more traditional art like drawing 
> and I would have a lot of sculpture classes.  I would than be able to take
> my strong art backround and apply it to the technology in the future.
>        If I major in multi media I can still take sculpture classes on
> the side.  I would also learn visual concepts, comunication concepts, how
> to work with others, interactive stuff, aniation, and other aspects of
> multimedia.  The training would be more geered for computers.  It looks
> like I would be well rounded wich may be better if I want to produce VR
> games?
>        I curetly have created 3d graphics for VRASP:
> "" and a multi media CD rom created for a
> friends college thesis.  I am also working for a company creating VR
> games doing game content development and 3d art.
>        If anybody can help with any advice at all about this topic I would
> greatly appreciate it.  I am looking for anything from thoughts to what
> companies are looking for.  Thanks...
>                                             Chris Troso