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Background for VR artist


       I have gaduated from hischool and am trying to figure out what I
should do for college.  I want to be a VR artist for a living, doing game
content development, 3d art and posibly producing VR games.  I would like
to work with programers, musicians, etc. so I can focus on the VR art.
       I have been excepted to University of the Arts in Philly, an art
school, and am considering majoring in scupture or multi media.  If I
major in sculpture I would also learn more traditional art like drawing 
and I would have a lot of sculpture classes.  I would than be able to take
my strong art backround and apply it to the technology in the future.
       If I major in multi media I can still take sculpture classes on
the side.  I would also learn visual concepts, comunication concepts, how
to work with others, interactive stuff, aniation, and other aspects of
multimedia.  The training would be more geered for computers.  It looks
like I would be well rounded wich may be better if I want to produce VR
       I curetly have created 3d graphics for VRASP:
"" and a multi media CD rom created for a
friends college thesis.  I am also working for a company creating VR
games doing game content development and 3d art.
       If anybody can help with any advice at all about this topic I would
greatly appreciate it.  I am looking for anything from thoughts to what
companies are looking for.  Thanks...

                                            Chris Troso