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how to be a VR artist (?)

Hi Chris 
Sound like you have got the right start to becoming a VR-Artist/Designer.

To become a good VR-arist you will need do develup a wide set of
skills. Which is both hard and fun (you never get bored), these skill
will have to be worked at, what you will have to do first is get to grips with 
some thing called 


This is the stone on with all your future work will be based
Basicly this means just what you have done here. 
Working by your self while still being motivated (being interested help a lot
but some time you will have to push your self throw by will alone)

Now  for what I think any VR-artist needs in terms skill.

Art skills ( What ever is you art endever painting/ drawing/ sculpture/
Arcetecher/ film/ photografy/
etc but of all there drawing is the most inportend it techers you to see in
your mind what you wont to creat
better than any other form of exsprshon)

Multi-Media (2d [photoshop/ilastrater etc] 3d/[3ds4-max4-softimarge
etc]multi media [MMD/premiyer etc]
Internet [VRML/html/sgml])

Computer Skills (programing, interface usage, and input/output devices,
you do not need to know all theres is to know about computers but it helps a

Art and Design history ( The human race has been expresing its self for over
14,000 yeas throw 
one medium or another, this is the riches sore of informashon I know of for
art. by looking at how othere
exsprest them selfs you can begin to see ways you can expres you self.)

Story Telling ( VR is much more than just a game or a 3d world with beeps
and skweeks it is 
a now whay of telling storys, VR has problems with the classink way of
showing a narative
BEGINING MIDALL AND END a play in 3 parts just dos not work when the ardence
walks of from the stage to 
see whats in the next room. So you have to create new ways of telling story
by inticing the ardence to stay
and interact with your narative. DOOM was fun and Quake is cool but thay
wont compet with the TV untill thay
tell us obout what it is to be human eg have a deeper meaning than just game
play. So look at paly rights , film makers,
artists,how have pushed the boundres of stoy telling 

and final, thow you may think im mad (im not) spend some time with a
gardener of all the disaplins
which i have studerd it is the gardener how most undertands what it is to
creat an envirment which changers over time 
beond there control yet still retaning some consept of athership. 
+ after its relacking after spending all day infront of a computer.

At 05:56 PM 9/11/96 -0400, you wrote:

>       I have gaduated from hischool and am trying to figure out what I
>should do for college.  I want to be a VR artist for a living, doing game
>content development, 3d art and posibly producing VR games.  I would like
>to work with programers, musicians, etc. so I can focus on the VR art.
>       I have been excepted to University of the Arts in Philly, an art
>school, and am considering majoring in scupture or multi media.  If I
>major in sculpture I would also learn more traditional art like drawing 
>and I would have a lot of sculpture classes.  I would than be able to take
>my strong art backround and apply it to the technology in the future.
>       If I major in multi media I can still take sculpture classes on
>the side.  I would also learn visual concepts, comunication concepts, how
>to work with others, interactive stuff, aniation, and other aspects of
>multimedia.  The training would be more geered for computers.  It looks
>like I would be well rounded wich may be better if I want to produce VR
>       I curetly have created 3d graphics for VRASP:
>"" and a multi media CD rom created for a
>friends college thesis.  I am also working for a company creating VR
>games doing game content development and 3d art.
>       If anybody can help with any advice at all about this topic I would
>greatly appreciate it.  I am looking for anything from thoughts to what
>companies are looking for.  Thanks...
>                                            Chris Troso
Sean Varney
VR artiat
web master VR-ART