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Extra Stuff Auction Update #2: 2600 Qubes, Intellivision UR and MORE

 Welcome to my extra stuff auction :)  Simple rules, good stuff, fun to bid.  
 At the end of the auction, all items will be sold once, twice, gone.
 Bid progression is:  Current Value     Minimum Raise
                        $1  - $20          $2
                        $21 - $40          $3
                        $41 - $100         $5
                        $100 and above     %10 of current bid.
 To help the auction reach a speedy close I will not accept lower raises. 
 I won't rip you off on shipping like other 'auctions', you pay
  ACTUAL usps Priority Mail or UPS rate.  No per shipment, per box, per console,
  per cart, per message, per dollar shipping increases.  I will ship anywhere
  in the world.  Bidders from outside the USA welcome.
 Its sad that I still have to say this to other adults, but please don't bid if 
  you cannot or will not make good. 
 Starting bids are higher to help speed the auction to an end, its for your
  benifit as well.  There is no point at all in taking $0.25 bids for 2 months 
  as I see all too often.  
 Pre-payment shipping and inspection of expensive items is available to
  persons I have done business with in the past.  
 All bidders will be assigned a bidder number.
 And now the movie!
 Item #1:  Atari 2600 Q*Bert's Qubes, mint w/ mint book.  Super glossy.  
           Bidder #11 - $55
 Item #2:  2600 Snoopy and the Red Baron.  Mint cartridge.
           Bidder #11 - $30
 Item #3:  Videopac (Odyssey2) Q*Bert.  Parker Brothers.  Box, book and cart.
           Book and cart are in excellent condition w/ very little wear.
           Box is only slightly shelfworn but still great looking.
           Bidder #9 - $40
 Item #4:  Intellivision All-Star Major Leauge Baseball
           Listed as 'Rumored to Exist/Unreleased/Prototype'
           Blank INTV style cartridge casing.  The real thing, not a EPROM.
           Bidder #9 - $40
 Item #5:  Amiga Power-System Joyboard Foot Controller NEW IN BOX
           One of the best you will ever find, mint in box with all
            original parts.
 	  Includes: Joyboard in mint condition
                     Original box and styrofoam
                     Mogul Maniac Cartridge w/ Book
           Bidder #8 - $35
 Item #6:  7800 FROGGO WATER SKI (ER) New Shrinkwrapped!
           Bidder #11 - $10
 Item #7:  Atari 7800 Super Shrinked Pack
           : 7800 Winter Games NEW SHRINKWRAPPED
           : 7800 Tower Toppler NEW SHRINKWRAPPED
           : 7800 Mat Mania Challenge NEW SHRINKWRAPPED
           : 7800 Ninja Golf NEW SHRINKWRAPPED
           : 7800 Midnight Mutants NEW SHRINKWRAPPED
           : 7800 Xevious NEW BOXED
           : 7800 Ms Pac Man NEW BOXED
           : 7800 Robotron 2084 NEW BOXED
           Bidder #6 - $20
 Item #8:  Atari 2600 Super Shrinked Pack 
           : California Games NEW SHRINKWRAPPED
           : Summer Games NEW SHRINKWRAPPED
           : Winter Games NEW SHRINKWRAPPED