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Re: Contents of InQuest #16

 In a previous article, (IQJeff) says:
 >Feature: The UFO Files - Some "facts" about UFO's.
 >Q&A: Timothy Zahn
 >InQuest Profile: Bruce Sterling
 Here's my one beef with Bruce Sterling designing a CCG?  Why 
 does InQuest insist on fillinf so many pages with non CCG stuff like 
 that.  F'rinstance, this month's interview with Alan Dean Foster.  It was 
 okay, I guess, but has nothing to do with any particular CCG, or with the 
 industry as a whole.  Same goes for the big feature on Hoaxes.  Okay 
 reading, but not what I buy IQ for.  Couldn't these pages better serve 
 for articles on CCGs or interviews with folks who actually have even a 
 remote connection to the CCG industry?  
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