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Re: My Most Favorite Part About Quilting

 I have to say that I love every part of creating a quilt, but not all at 
 the same time.  I love selecting the design and the fabrics, and I love 
 the way one step flows into the next.  I find that I get into a certain 
 mood for a certain aspect and can't stop doing that until it's 
 done...maybe that's why I don't have as many projects going as some of you 
 do - I get stuck in a rut and can't get out!!  :)  For example, now I'm 
 handquilting my queen size rosebud quilt and that's all I want to work on. 
  I keep picturing it finished and I can't wait to see it, I keep on 
 quilting - now over half done!  Then as soon as the quilting's done I'll 
 HAVE to put the binding on it right away, (and I really don't mind that at 
 all).  I do have some pieces to cut for another UFO but at the moment 
 cutting sounds just dreadful to me.  Once I get cutting though, I know I 
 won't want to stop that!
 And yes, giving the quilt to someone is truly a joy...Seems so many I've 
 sent to friends far away and not seen their faces...
 - Kim in NW Minnesota where the heat wave has broken and it's pleasant, 
 but mosquitoey