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OT: Chocolate UFOs

 I apologize for the off topic post, and chocolate haters should stop 
 reading now, but I really did see chocolate UFOs today!  I was in Trader 
 Joe's (a specialty food store in California that is expanding to the 
 east coast of the US), wandering through the frozen food aisle when a 
 label caught my eye.  It said, "UFOs."  Of course, I immediately thought 
 of stitching (which of course wouldn't have anything to do with the shop 
 I had just exited!).  No, these weren't for stitching, well, maybe.  
 They are mint-chocolate wafers (sort of Hershey Kiss shaped).  
 I think I'll go stitch on my UFO now with a side order of UFOs!
 Lori G.