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: Safe Place To Hide ;-)

 In article <4r156c$>, GeoBlum <> wrote:
 >In article <4qugno$>, (P.M.
 >Burnham) writes:
 >>The small blue swiss army knife (with scissors) is mine...its been on
 >>vacation now for 4 months!!
 >The small red swiss army knife (with scissors) is mine... my DW just
 >borrowed :-) them for a moment two years ago. She's not going to get my
 >small black ones.
 Black holes? No, that's just propaganda. It's really Brownies. Trust me.
 Just firmly and politely insist the item/person/creature be returned, and
 take a deep breath. Deliberately and calmly go to the place where you
 think the item should be, even if you have looked there four previous
 times in the last ten minutes. Continue looking, and if you get a sudden
 impulse to look in another spot, keep looking until you have searched the
 first location thoroughly before calmly moving to the second. 
 If you are going to be late, remain calm about that, call and let people
 know, and then return to the looking. It's amazing how just being calm
 frustrates the Brownies into returning the item ASAP. But be aware that
 they will take another item in it's place, so have a hold of other shiny
 or beautiful objects and keep an eye out.
 I didn't buy two copies of that pattern, the brownie made a copy. You
 didn't lose your snips/shears/hoops/pattern, the brownie carried it away
 to Faery to show his/her Queen. You didn't overlook that piece of fabric
 in the UFO pile, the Brownie hid it from you until you demanded it back.
 The child/dog/cat wasn't hiding under the same bed I just looked under for
 the fourth time, the Brownie had him/her spirited away to Faery until I
 gave up trying to give him/her that pill..... My mother didn't put her
 eyeglasses in the freezer, that was the brownie trying to stitch on a hot
 They have a fondness for shiny objects or things of beauty, so car keys,
 cats, children, small shears, chatelaines, crochet hooks, needles and
 shiny skeins of silk floss, or cross stitched masterpieces not firmly
 attached to a frame are a temptation too strong to resist. They often try
 to 'frame' cats and children for their own borrowings, and spend hours
 each night using gadgets to insert cat hairs under your stitches while
 you are peacefully sleeping.
 The socks in the dryer are a specialty of Brownie juvenile delinquents.
 They get points with their peers for the variety of sizes, colors and
 styles. Their second specialty are expensive, last of the skein specialty
 flosses that they return when you are in public and someone is looking
 closely at you. Worst of all to some people is their tendency to spill any
 staining beverage just after you or your best beloved walks past, making
 you blame yourself of your beloved for their pranks.
   @}->-  ;)  Tinne  :D  Laughter Heals  :)  -<-{@
 (Whose never found her purse only to discover she'd lost the keys that
 were in her hand to the Brownie....)
 We are beginners at more than we are experts of.