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Thistle Pattern

 I don't recall anyone mentioning the thistle pattern designed by Donna
 Giampa in the Nov/Dec 90 issue of CS&CC.  The stem curls around like a
 wreath with an initial in the center (nice alphabet chart).  I think it's
 quite nice (I've done it twice already).  Anyway...I just bought 19!!! old
 issues of CS&CC at a thrift shop and this issue is a duplicate of my
 collection.  If the original person looking for a thistle pattern is
 interested in this pattern, email me and I'll be glad to send it to you.
 The stitch count is 46x53.
 I just wanted to thank Karin for her recent offer to send me the JCS issue
 I needed to finish an old UFO.  This is a great group!  I'll post any
 other duplicate issues I may have soon...maybe I can help someone else
 replace a lost issue.