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Re: Blue Jeans Quilt

 >I used red bandana 
 > prints for contrasting fabric and strip-pieced Court House Steps blocks.
 >  I used a low-loft poly bat and a red flannel backing.  The weight is 
 > not too heavy and I was able to machine quilt it stitching in the ditch.
 This sounds SUPER!  I've never thought about making a blue jeans quilt!! 
 Now I will undoubtedly add to my list of UFO's in no time at all...
 My question to you is how does the different weights of bandana fabric and
 jeans material affect the quilt?  Isn't it difficult to do this?  (I've
 never tried it, I'm only visualizing).  I'm also assuming that machine
 quilting or maybe tying is the only option here?  Or can you actually
 quilt thru denim?  I can't wait to get into this one!!