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Re: Perpetuum Mobile invented ! (no, OBSERVED)

 In article <>, rsvp  <> wrote:
 >Kevin D. Quitt wrote:
 >If you've been in this group for any length of time, you will understand true 
 >hostility and warfare.  
 "This group"? And which of the ten relevant, irrelevant and totally
 senseless groups would that be?
 >I posted a simple observation a while back that said EVERYTHING in the 
 >universe is in perpetual motion. An atom is made up of neutrons, protons, and 
 >electrons and these particles are in constant perpetual motion.  They can 
 >only stop if the temperature reaches absolute zero.  There is, however, no 
 >place in the known universe that is absolute zero. Where do they get their 
 >energy from?  Those little buggers have been moving around since the "big 
 >bang"? and don't show any signs of slowing down.   Never received an 
 >explanation from the priests.
 The above betrays your complete lack of understanding of quantum
 physics and what is really happening at near-absolute zero. See if you
 can find a physicist that will explain the concept of negative absolute
 I was going to suggest that this thread had no place in those
 paranormal grooups it's cross-posted to. But after reading yoru
 comments, I think they may be the only appropriate groups.
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