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Re: Part Four: A Light Experience

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 > Subject: Part Four: A Light Experience
 > Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 12:09:19 -0700
 > alt.paranormal.channeling
 > Laurie Immekus
 > Milwaukee, WI USA
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 > Thursday, June 27, 1996
 > 	Here is Part Four of A Light Experience:
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 > 	Thanks for reading my experience, A Light Experience. I am currently 
 in the 
 > process of making it into a book along with the experiences of other people. 
 If you are 
 > interested in the possibility or your story be included, or if you know 
 someone who 
 > might be interested, please contact me at or phone 
 > (414)332-6731 (Milwaukee, WI, USA). In any case, I'd love to hear from you.
 > Love and Behappy,
 > Laurie
 	I just wanted to comment that I enjoyed reading your article and look 
 forward to seeing the book.  Thanks for sharing.
 	From the reading I have done I understand on some level what you are 
 saying and do believe it.  However, I am sure that my level of understanding 
 is nothing compared to yours, with the ability to consciously recall it.  (I 
 was going to say lived it but do not belive that sttement would be correct, 
 since I believe all of us have "lived it."  What we are missing is the 
 concious awareness of these truths.)  Your sharing will help me and others 
 recall this consciousness, or at least help us foster a belive in this 
 existance in these truths.  
 Again, thanks for sharing!