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No Subject (Louis Todd Heberlein) wrote:
 > But there is GOOD NEWS!  While X/Motif/CDE has an ugly API, the years of 
 OO programming and NS GUI work appears to have prepared me well. So while 
 many of you may who are switching to another development environment may 
 feel screwed by NeXT, I think the lessons you have learned over the years 
 (OO design, interface design, ...)  will help you in your next life.
 I've seen some strange highs and lows in the next community.  But this has 
 got to be the most pathetic.  I mean, this launch, seems to have solidified 
 the expectation of doom!  It is sad....
 The marketing...  the technology...  Sheesh...  I hope I don't become a 
 folk hero like one of the last posts suggested (very cute BTW :)....
 What can I say...except I hope we are all wrong and better things will be 
 coming for all <sigh>...
 Thanks, be well, take care, later, John Kheit   )^>   %^)   =^)
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