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Horus' RPG Sale (Kult, In Nomine Satanas, WW, WHFRP + More)

 ***Horus' RPG  Sale!***
     I have finally gotten done with my busy week and managed to catalog my
 sale of RPG rules and supplements.  I truly hope you enjoy your shopping. 
     Also see my post on TSR items or email me for the most recent update on the
 TSR sale.
     I am planning to be back in town by tomorrow night.  At that point I will
 check my mail and respond to buyers in the order in which they contacted me on
     Hope to hear from you soon.
 * Please note the rules at the end of the list.
 ***Condition Guide***
 (Near Mint) NM: no noticable wear at all.  looks like it is shelf
 (Excellent) EX: only the most minor scratch, ding, bend,
 scuff...not noticible unless inspected closely
 (Good) GD: some noticible scuffs, wrinkles, creases.  Everything
 totally intact just normal read-wear.
 (Fair) FR: indicates many scuffs, scratches, tear, bends but is
 intact and not dilapidated.
 (Poor) PR: badly ripped, or stained. profuse scuffing or bending.  If not
 intact it will be noted. 
 (Missing) M: This is usually for a box or cover.  It means that it is not
 *A note on Condition:  I am a conservative grader.  I tend to
 over-estimate the wear on an item due to the disappointment I have felt
 when ordering an "excellent"  item via the net, and seeing that profuse
 stains, creases, etc... upon its arrival.  In most cases, I will attempt
 to grade the items as consistently and carefully as possible. 
 Prices do not include shipping except where noted.
 Where appropriate two conditions will be listed.  One for the box/cover of
 an item and a second rating for the interior pages or contents. 
 First off I have a few uncommon items that I place as the flagship items
 of the sale.  These Items are near mint inside and out unless otherwise
 1) In Nomine Satanas/Magna Veritas:  The French Roleplaying game of Angels
 and Demons.  The original (and superior IMHO) rules on which the
 long-delayed Steve Jackson's In Nomine is based on.  This is the latest
 edition. The rules are hardback, 180pp, and illustrated in black and
 white.  Great Game!  The system is complete with rules for Angels, Demons,
 Humans, magic powers, and many scenarios.  This book has only been opened
 once and is pristine!  **It is written in French**
    Not commercially available in the United States and most of Europe
    INS/MV Rules by Siroz Games --  $60.00  (about the cover price of 219 Francs)
 2) Rifts Hardbound Collector's Edition: Near Mint quality all the way.
 Under 16000 copies printed.  Black cover with silver lettering.  Retail is
    Rifts Collector's Rules by Palladium -- $25.00
 3) The End: A cool and dark game of post-judgement day earth.  The meek
 have inherited the earth...the poor bastards!  Near Mint condition.  Hard
 to find due to its exceptionally adult content.  Retail is $20.00
     The End by Scapegoat Games -- 18.00
 4)Fallen Angels (Kult RPG module): This is the limited edition English
 Printing of the Fallen Angels module for the Kult RPG (one of the best
 horror RPGs available...Clive Barker on crack).  Only 3000 English copies
 were printed.  Details the demonic horror and vampires of New York City. 
 Condition is Excellent outside (a **tiny** bit of scuffing on top of
 cover) and interior is near mint. 
      Fallen Angels supplement by Metropolis Ltd. -- 16.00