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Contents of InQuest #16

 It's not on the shelves yet, but it will be soon, so here's a sneak
 preview at the contents of InQuest #16, our special Sci-Fi issue.
 Feature: Space Odyssey - Sci-Fi theme decks for Star Wars, Netrunner, Star
 Trek TNG and Doomtrooper.
 Feature: Unmasking "The X-Files": An in-depth look at the X-Files CCG.
 Feature: Rebel Rousers - The Star Wars designers pick their ten favorite A
 New Hope cards.
 Feature: Dragon-lore - InQuest's picks for the top ten Middle Earth: The
 Dragons cards.
 Feature: The UFO Files - Some "facts" about UFO's.
 Departments & Columns
 Q&A: Timothy Zahn
 InQuest Profile: Bruce Sterling
 On Deck: Lunch Money, Alliances, Pro Tour Colector's Set, Star Wars
 Introductory Game, Doctor Who.
 Killer Deck: Blue/White Ice Age/Alliances
 Up Your Sleeve: Helm of Obedience
 Basic Training: Star Trek TNG
 Contests: Dark Age: Feudal Lords and Netrunner
 Checklists: Fastbreak, Killer Instinct, Star Trek CCG (The Original)
 Player's Guide Spotlight: Mythos (including the first two expansions) and
 Middle Earth: The Dragons.
 And there you have it...
 Jeff Hannes
 Games Editor, InQuest Magazine