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Shops in Nagshead NC

 I just got back from vacation in Nagshead North Carolina. Thought you
 all would like to know where some very fine Cross Stitch shops are
 there in case you are also vacationing in this town.
    As you know the town is measured and all directions are given by
 mileposts.  If you are coming over the bridge from RT 158 (new bridge)
 the first shop you come to is :
 The Yarn Corner
 Mile post 5 1/2
 In the Seagate North Shopping Center (on the left)
 small strip mall
 PH# 919-441-3088
    this shop is ok. They have a lot of different things.. crochet,
 knitting, cross stitch and needlepoint. She did have one of the new
 Pegusus NEEDLEPOINT canvases of a Black Lab. I did not know Pegusus
 had branched out to canvases... they are very pretty.
   "Joy By The Seaside"
 Mile Post 13 (past Jockey's Ridge)
 Surfside Plaza Shopping Center (strip mall)
 PH# 919-480-2988
    The owner of this shop is very organized!!  I love the layout of
 her store and she will special order anything for you!!  She has a
 excellent supply of material !!  I bought material for several UFO's!!
 She herself is a excellent stitcher and has many finished pieces to
 view... before I knew it I had spent 3 hours in her shop!! She asked
 me if I wanted to call my husband and let him know where I was... I
 said "He KNOWS where I am!!"  NO!!  <BG>. This is a MUST VISIT shop!!