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3/13 to 3/14 Western US Sightings.Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Arizona Sightings

Dear Bill,

Many thanks for the information - much appreciated.

I'm working with others on a major triangle sighting which took place in 
Southern England in the early hours of Saturday, 8 March. This was seen by a 
local journalist who ran a small feature in her newspaper. Two farmers 
independently observed this thing, and it's believed two firemen have now come 
forward to say they saw it as well. O.K., no big deal you say, but here are the 
plus points:
The journalist is highly thought of and 100% credible.  Amazing details of the 
edge and underside of the craft were seen.

Independent credible witnesses;

The event took place right next door to the residence of Britain's Home 
Secretary, Michael Howard M.P. This is like saying Al Gore had an ET pay 
him a visit. It's a "biggy" and we are doing all we can to glean the data. Teams 
are working this weekend (they began yesterday) going over the whole area. 

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