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(dis-)information and the Internet (fwd)

I'm writing this as a response/background to the recent discussions about
Maurice Chatelaine, Billy Meier and his 'exposure' by his ex-wife, the
validity of reports of certain UFO radio program presenters, the alien
autopsy film, and the discussion that we need a spokesmen/woman for the
UFO community. 

That seems a whole lot that apparently have no relation to each other, other
than that the "general" subject are UFOs. But I see those subjects related
in a way that explains -why- we apparently are going nowhere.

I guess when 10 years ago something was written in the newspapers or shown
on TV, that would give a possible certainty about the accuracy of the
report, and therefore the report contained at least something that was
true (let's forget about the exceptions here for a moment). But with the
big boom in communication technology and the Internet, any idiot, fool
and/or potential cult leader can publish their opinions, write stories, and
state them as being the truth. That applies to the web, and in the
newsgroups things are even worse. I've stopped reading newsgroups about
UFO's because most of the articles are of the "I had sex wit an alien !!!"

I think that's also why most of us are subscribed to this e-mail list.
Because we want serious work done, and not to be bothered with nonsense,
and when it comes up, expose it. But when I look at the discussions, they
usually go like; "I spoke to him/her and he/she said such and so" and
someone replies "I think ......", "My theory is....." and someone else;
"When I talked to him/her he/she said something different".

It seems to me that the source of information has become more important
than it ever was. And that point is our first problem; most people do not
want to talk openly about UFOs, but often they will agree to talk about it
anonymously. Now most news reporters (except the tabloid style) check their
sources thoroughly. But as I said earlier, any idiot can cook a story from
"anonymous sources within the government" and spread it though the Internet.

And while we're at it, go to a search engine, and look for "Bill Cooper" and
"Lear". you'll get a list of sites from here to Tokyo that published their
stories, like they where highly trustworthy sources, having worked for the
government, Lear being the son of such and such. Of all those sites only
two sites mention the tv-show where Lear wants to tell the public that he
fabricated the Krill document as a joke, being caught shorthanded by Cooper,
who said he'd seen the document many years ago when he was in the navy !

Some researchers, and I think Stanton Friedman is a good example of this,
emphasize their prior achievements and their scientific carrier to create
the impression that they, of any person, certainly know what they are

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