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COA#62 UFO Update: Bolder, More Frequent, More Cover-up3/13 to 3/14 Western US Sightings.

Wow. It's 1:20am MST where I'm at now, and details are still sketchy...can 
anyone (like there's a chance you all wouldn't) pool your resources- especially 
those in Washington State and Oregon? It sounds like a busy evening.  At this 
point, it sounds like dozens of preliminary reports are 5-6 separate objects, 
comprised of possible 2 dimly lit "elements" have been seen in these areas, 
glowing red and lasting for several minutes, then... traveling south to other 
states, glowing blue/white.  If substantiated, this could be one more (in the ever

growing list) of "bold" behavior... possibly some really "ballsy" (forgive the 
phrasing) ET moves?

Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 14:01:54 -0500