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First World UFO Forum

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A. J. Gevaerd



Brazilian researchers organize the biggest UFO conference ever

The First World UFO Forum

by A. J. Gevaerd, from Brazilian UFO Magazine

=09From December 7th to 14th Brazil's federal capital Brasilia will
host the biggest UFO conference ever promoted in the world until now. A
coalition of six Brazilian UFO researchers have been contracted by a large
non-governmental organization called Legiao da Boa Vontade to organize the
Conference and invite as many international speakers as possible. Up to
now, the list of invited comprises 52 top UFO researchers from all over
the world and over 30 Brazilian lecturers as well.=20

=09The coalition of researchers contracted to host the conference is
comprised of Claudeir Covo, from the National Institute of Aerospace
Phenomena Investigations (INFA); Rafael Cury, from the UFO Research
Nucleus (NPU); Reginaldo de Athayde, from Ufological Research Center
(CPU); Marco Antonio Petit, from Fluminense UFO Research Association
(AFEU); and Ubirajara Rodrigues and A. J. Gevaerd, both from the Brazilian
Center for Flying saucer Research (CBPDV), the biggest UFO group in the

=09The conference to be held in 8 days (from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily)
has been called First World UFO Forum and its main objective is to promote
a summit of the biggest and most prominent UFO researchers from all parts
of the planet. These people will be asked to prepare a comprehensive
document covering most aspects of UFO visitations and alien contacts to be
given to the main authorities from several countries, some of them will be
present at the Forum.=20

Brasilia has been chosen to host the Forum because it is regarded as the
central city in Brazil for discussion of the UFO phenomena. Many Brazilian
and other South American civilian and military representatives will be
invited to attend the discussions. Representatives from other
non-governmental organizations, scientific community and associations are
also in the list of invited parties. Brazilians are definitely trying to

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