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Re: Voodoo

 In article <4qvat2$>,
 (Steve Anderson) wrote:
 > (Bryan J. Maloney) wrote:
 > >
 > >No, it doesn't.  It is not cannibalism for the branch of a vine to have
 > >the sap from the taproot.  Christians have been grafted onto the vine,
 > >therefore for a Christian to take the Body and Blood of Christ into
 > >himself or herself is no more cannibalism than my fingers commit
 > >cannibalism by being nourished as part of my body. 
 >    It sounds more like you're eating your father's (Christ's) fingers 
 > than feeding your own.  In any event, it's a ritualized eating of another 
 > man's flesh, and the drinking of another man's blood.  It is symbolic 
 > cannibalism and symbolic vampirism.
 My, oh, my, just can't figure out things when laid out.  A Christian is
 grafted onto the vine.  A Christian is *part of* the Body of Christ upon
 the Earth.  Thus, Christ is NOT "another man" for a Christian, only for an
 outsider.  Furthermore, only a rank heretic or the ignorant would refer to
 Christ as our "father".
 Tell me, do my own fingers commit vampirism and cannibalism upon me?