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Re: 3D Cards--3d Blaster?

 On Sat, 29 Jun 1996 06:37:57 GMT, (Jon) wrote:
 >I heard however, tell me if I'm wrong if you know better, that while
 >Direct3D allows for more general support..Some of the particular
 >features, of say the Voodoo, won't be implemented directly in the
 >Direct3D code...While the Verite chip WILL because of Creative Labs
 >close parntership with Microsoft.
 The Verite chip will because it's feature set isn't as advanced as the
 Voodoo's.  The Voodoo will do everything Direct3D and the Verite can
 dish out, but more- perhaps it will be taken advantage of in Direct3D
 2.0.  Having Direct3D fully utilize the Verite is nothing to brag
 Don't read too much into the Verite being the "reference" platform for
 Direct3D.  It was simply the only really decent-performing 3D
 accelerator out at the time, it does not mean Direct3D will run better
 on it than any other accelerator or have more features for it.
 And Jon- if you can, configure your newsreader _not_ to automatically
 send the person e-mail with each post, it's quite annoying as I never
 know what to reply to.